Karma is how much good you did for this wiki. Read further through the link, but here are some of the key points.

What are benefits of having high karma?

The main benefit is that other users can instantly recognize you as an influential person and a wiki-expert.

We are also going sometimes some extra functionality for top-karma users. For example, very high and guru users were invited to participate in beta tests of our pro accounts and after finishing those test, they could buy pro accounts with a significant discount.

How can I raise my karma?

In general, the more active you are, the higher your karma is. You can get karma for various activities that include (but is not limited to):

creating and editing wiki content (pages)
participating in forum discussions
participating in open community portals (like Wikidot's community wiki)
being wiki administrator/moderator/member
inviting other people to join Wikidot
having contacts and friends on Wikidot

Karma level
Level is shown as a bar next to your avatar. The more bars you have the higher karma you have.

Number of bars Icon Textual description
0 none
1 low
2 medium
3 high
4 very high
5 guru
You can also see a member's karma by clicking on user's name. There you will find a users Karma along with the users standard profile.

You can easily reach medium to high level karma through normal activity. However, the guru level is reserved for most active members.

I have high karma. Will it drop someday?

The karma levels are recalculated every few days and your karma can go up or down. There is one exception: if you achieved guru karma it will not drop. It is really hard to get to this level and we do not see any point in taking karma back from the gurus.

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