Fall 2012 Goals:

Previous Goals:
1. Ollie
2. Website
3. Sponsors—>T-shirts

1. Mini projects+hacks
2. Prepare for robot competition in Spring 2013

--------------cool tide of separation--------------

Important Spring 2012 Semester Goals:
1. Complete the website, with comment abilities, donation buttons, calendar etc. (Started today)
2. Initiate e-art program (Almost done?)
3. Finish Ollie for marketing purposes (Debugging Stage)
4. Find business sponsors (On going)
4a. Get ready for collegiate robotics competitions (?)

End of February Goals:
1. Set official club identity
2. Rofficers all settled(emails and business cards etc.)
3. Mass email possible sponsors, connections? Companies?
4. Started on projects, —teams organized, all materials ordered »Team captains, please.—
5. Start on the website »First page is not bad
6. Determine Robotics Competition »Practical Robot Cars Competition in Boston MA

End of March Goals:
1. Website half-way done
2. Get 1 sponsor
3. Obtain mascot >Relayed to next semester due to mascot maker going OCS
4. —Get T-shirts
>Relayed to next semester b/c will have more sponsors to put on back
5. Projects should be half-way done
6. —e-Waste program set-up

End of April Goals:
0. Finish website
1. Try to finish projects(especially Ollie)
2. Get 1 more sponsor
3. e-Waste Program progress check

May 5th One-Day Goals:
1. New Officers
2. Determine next year's goals
3. Lab clean-up and project wrap-up

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