e-Waste Sustainability

This is a program the DePauw Robotics Club started and is currently running. The program aims to recycle all e-Waste in the Greencastle area.

We're currently collecting all the electronic waste in the DePauw community through recycle bins placed throughout the campus. We aim to expand our program to the whole Greencastle community.

Ongoing Work:

  • Greencastle-wide e-Waste drives
  • e-Bay + etsy.com sell cheap e-waste sculptures

Current Work Flow:
DePauw Team: collect parts » RC Secret Lab, disintegrate, recycle toxic parts at Columbia St.
Greencastle Team: School children, ArtFest, Tox-a-Way? Website

We want to thank our advisor Prof.Gloria Townsend for sponsoring our club, Prof. Gigi Fenlon for providing valuable contacts, Taylor Cantril for making awesome suggestions, and Prof. Jennifer Everett for too many things.

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