Current Constitution for The Robotics Team of DePauw University

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The Robotics Team seeks to be a platform for students of robotics, students interested in robotics, and students not aware of robotics’ beauty to learn, to compete, and to share knowledge gained through the practice of robotics. By tinkering, building, and programming robots, Robotics strives for excellence in the craft and art of robotics. Thus, we, the members of the Robotics Team, herein called Roboteers, do ordain and establish this constitution.

Article I

Section 1. Goals
The primary goal of the Roboteers shall be the establishment and the sustenance of a platform suitable for students at DePauw University to experience the art and the craft of robotics. The secondary goal shall be to share our passion with the greater DePauw and Greencastle community. The Roboteers will abide by all reasonable rules of DePauw University.

Section 2. Robotics
To maintain an excellence in robotics, smaller units within the roboteers shall be grouped as teams. The teams shall consist of experienced tinkerers of robotics who will, in due time and with sufficient funds, complete their projects. All projects, headed by team captains, are voted on by Team members, and the top 3 shall be the official projects of the Team for the semester or the year. All robots of the Team shall conform to Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

Section 3. Members
All DePauw students interested in robotics may become a roboteer, provided that he or she commits a minimum of one hour per week to the Team. Members of the functional robotic teams shall commit at least two hours per week to the practice of robotics.

Article II

Section 1. Officers
The officers of the Team shall consist of the Chief Executive, the Chief Operational Officer(VP), the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Technical Officer, and the Sustainability Captain. All officers can comment on and assist each others' work in addition to their own specific duties described below. Robotics Team does not accept seniors as officers due to the mortal disease of senioritis.

Section 2. Chief Executive Officer
The Chief Executive Officer shall be nominated by the members of the Team. Then, the current officers shall vote on the final candidate. He or she shall work with the faculty adviser and the other officers to ensure the sustenance and the spirit of the whole Team. This officer is chosen at the end of each year. He/she is responsible for the daily businesses of the Team, out-reach events, communication with members, contacts with school officials, jobs within the student government, officer meetings and recordings, and the long-term vision of the Team. Thus, he or she is given the authority, with the consent of the adviser, to redesign the Team constitution and to create new officer positions if he or she deems them necessary in performing the jobs to achieve the goals of the club.

Section 3. Chief Operational Officer(V.P.)
The COO is the organizer of special club events such as the Team robot show, community out-reach events, and robotic competitions. COO is the head person for outside sponsorships and is the ultimate contact person for businesses. This important position is also responsible for maintaining friendly relationships with local businesses. In cases where the Chief Executive Officer is dysfunctional, COO will take over.

Section 4. Chief Financial Officer
The CFO(Treasurer) is responsible for the all-important budget of the Team, reimbursing team captains of their fees, purchasing club tools, paying for Team events, maintaining a healthy financial status for the Team, and presenting a brief and easy budget report at the request of the Chief Officer. The CFO is the only officer who has the power to delegate Team funds.

Section 5. Chief Technical Officer
The CTO works with project captains and the treasurer to buy and sell robot parts. He/she is also responsible for the Secret Lab of our club, the Roboticist of the Year Award, and the Team website, The CTO is usually the most technical person.

Section 6. Sustainability Captain
The Sustainability Captain is responsible for the e-waste recycling program of the Team. As of currently, the S.C. is responsible for picking up parts that the Team can use to make electronic art, sculpture, and toys for show. This special roboteer also works with the sustainability office to coordinate events if necessary.

Article III.

Section 1. Officer Removal
If an officer fails to achieve the highest potential of the roboteers and/or fails to perform the duties of his/her office, he/she can be fired by a majority vote of the other officers.

Section 2. Amendments
Any member has the opportunity to change the amendments, provided he or she consult with the officers beforehand. A vote of majority shall qualify as an amendment.

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