Hi Roboteers

Current Agenda:

T-shirts will passed out this week
NASA event implementing

Here's a quick link to our semester Goals

Future To Do:
Project Proposals
Request for Personal Bio (100 words)
End-Semester Party (J-Term event)
Event Planning
e-Waste Art Competition (e-Waste Drive(Sam Leist, Art majors)
*Fiction**(other liberal arts people)
Multimedia competition on robotics,


New meeting schedule for next semester

finish up:
e-waste project
Ollie Blimp Robot

Finished projects:

Previous Meeting:

Previous Previous meeting:

2*. Queen's project, LilyPad (Derrick and Joey)?

Some questions/pondering answered:
0. Why are we trying to attract attention - MONEY!(aka funds to build robots)
0a. Why you should record what you did —> easy on the resume later and creates a history for the club
0b. Sponshorship contact list, just mass email individual potential backers, ask Joey for the ude.wuaped|scitobor#ude.wuaped|scitobor password if you don't know it yet.

Semi-Permanent Stuff To Do:
If you have a design, edit "it" into the "Website" page, for ex., insert a picture/screenshot of the website. So, Jona(ITAP pays her to make our website, so we'll take that:) is going to work on the website and this is a really good place to make suggestions/ideas/visions.

Roboteers please suggest competitions we should consider.
Edit into Robot Competitions.

Try to contact businesses you think who may be interested in sponsoring us. We'll put their name on our website, T-shirt, robots, and even wiki.
Edit the names of the businesses you contacted in the "Sponsors" page, so we don't have duplicates.

If you finished reading this and if you want, please create a wiki page with your first and last name as the title. Tag it. This page will be your bio and document your work! Otherwise, you fail!

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