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Welcome to DePauw Robotics Team Secret Wiki. This is a wiki that will help you learn robotics, keep record of what you did, learn what other people did, and what is going on?

Goals of the wiki:

  • Keep continuity of the club when officers phase in and phase out
  • Keep almost all of club businesses transparent to everybody who knows this site
  • Keep records
  • Create a wiki that can be used as an easy learning tool for all roboteers
  • But just much cooler

See to read more about our club and do official business.

Meeting on Thursday Feb. 21 at 4:00pm


Peanut II wants you to make some robot food for it!


Featured Article: How to become a wiki guru

The "glossary" link is your biggest friend. A list of our pages in alphabetical order.

0) To level up and become a wiki guru, you have to edit, create new pages, and just do wikis. Then your wiki bar will be up.
1) Preview before saving(b/c there's no undo button)!
2) To add an article to the glossary, tag the page with an underscore and the first letter of the article's title (e.g., for an article titled Example add "_e" using "other tools" then "page tags")
3) Use this to learn about wikidot's embedded HTML!
4) Use the "discuss" link at the top or bottom of pages to ask questions, add unsure suggestions etc.


——Our robotic pet wall-e is afraid of our Peanut. So, they're separated by the table line. Lest they start fighting each other!

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